New book publication by our former Fellow Georgiy Kasianov

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Back from our summer break, straight with a new book recommendation that will soon join our URIS library:
The new publication „Memory Crash. Politics of History in and around Ukraine, 1980s-2010s“ by our former Fellow Georgiy Kasianov. Available for order soon! Congratulations already!
„This account of historical politics in Ukraine, framed in a broader European context, shows how social, political, and cultural groups have used and misused the past from the final years of the Soviet Union to 2020. Georgiy Kasianov details practices relating to history and memory by a variety of actors, including state institutions, non-governmental organizations, political parties, historians, and local governments He identifies the main political purposes of these practices in the construction of nation and identity, struggles for power, warfare, and international relations.“
More information and insights into the new book can be found on the CEU Press website!