Dr Roman Horbyk

Dr. Roman Horbyk obtained his doctorate at Stockholm's Södertorn University in 2017 with a dissertation on the role of journalists and the way in which Europe was portrayed in the media during the "Euromaidan" of 2013/14 and Russia's subsequent war on Ukraine. His extensive research since then on "fake news" in the media, the use of mobile phones in Russia's war on Ukraine, and on media and propaganda, has made an important contribution to present-day Ukraine studies. Dr. Horbyk has been teaching and researching at Örebro University in Sweden since 2022.

Contact (roman.horbyk@unibas.ch)

Research project

Connecting soldiers: Media ecologies and materialities in the Russia-Ukraine War

Since the annexation of Crimea and the attack on the Donbas in 2014, Russia has been waging a hybrid war of aggression on Ukraine. In addition to conventional weapons, electronic infrastructure and targeted disinformation are being deployed in this war. The research of our new 2024 spring semester URIS fellow Dr. Roman Horbyk focuses on the role of modern media in present-day warfare.


Refugees, Diasporas and Belonging in the Digital Age: Rethinking Citizenship after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

URIS Workshop with Dr. Roman Horbyk, Prof. Dr. Olena Palko und Dr. Oleksandra Tarkhanova

7. Mai 2024, University of Basel, Mehrzweckraum 035, Kollegienhaus der Universität Basel

As part of his URIS fellowship, and in cooperation with Professor Olena Palko (University of Basel) and Dr. Oleksandra Tarkhanova (University of St. Gallen), Roman Horbyk will organise an international workshop on the subject of "Refugees, Diasporas and Belonging in the Digital Age: Rethinking Citizenship after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine" at the University of Basel on 7 May 2024. Information about the event programme will be published shortly on the URIS website. The event is open to the public and guests are very welcome to attend.

From Post-Soviet to Post-Truth: Eastern European Media Systems in a Comparative Perspective

University course from Roman Horbyk during the 2024 spring semester

28. Februar – 31. Mai 2024, Department of History, University of Basel

The course gives a theory-based overview of the media landscape in the successor states of the USSR from a comparative perspective.


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