From St. Gallen to Geneva. Viktoria Sereda’s next talk in Geneva

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The Soviet history research lab at the University of Geneva invites you to a conference by Viktoria Sereda entitled « Dynamics of Popular Attitudes Towards annexed Donbas and Crimea. Conflict Resolution Strategies for the IDPs ».

The 9th of June 2021, 12h-13h CET time, Zoomlink, Passcode: 814044

Flyer: Flyer Conference Geneva

Viktoria Sereda will present the research data, based on the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute’s “Mapa. Digital Atlas of Ukraine”,[1] St-Gallen University’s project the Ukrainian Regionalism[2] which allows to understand the experience of and attitude toward Ukrainian IDPs (Internal Displaced Persons) in Ukraine. Region by region, the project’s maps visualize how respondents rank Ukraine’s problems, such as the armed conflict in the East, present data on Ukrainians’ opinions about the conflict, their attitude toward IDPs (measured through the social distancing toward IDPs from Crimea and IDPs from Donbas).

Viktoria Sereda will answer the following questions: Why the issue of the attitude to the IDPs remain the main problem in the Ukrainian society? How does the population perceive the armed conflict in the East?Do Ukrainian differ IDPs from Crimea and Donbas? If yes, on what it is based? Is any fatigue of the conflict in the Ukrainian society? Can Ukrainian society, and mainly the civil society influence the political process of the conflict?

These and many other questions about the database and the interviews Viktoria Sereda did together with her research team in Ukraine will be discussed.