Late Soviet Village: people, institutions, and things between the socialist cult of urbanity and ruralisation of urban life styles

Project Leader: Ekaterina Emeliantseva Koller 

The project reconsiders the dynamics of late Soviet society for the first time, different to previous and current research, by looking at the developments outside the cities – in the rural Soviet Union. Dynamics of rural society during the last Soviet decades have hitherto been largely neglected, yet they are crucial for understanding the late Soviet Union. Instead of reproducing the traditional narrative of decline, the project proposes a new conceptualisation of the late Soviet village as a specific modus of entanglement between city and village and as a product of simultaneous “ruralisation” of urban life styles and “urbanisation” of rural life styles.

Collaborators of the project are: Anna Sokolova // Tatiana Voronina // Andrea Keller 

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