Remembering the Past in the Conflicts of the Present. Civil Society and Contested History in the Post-Soviet Space (1991 – 2017)

Directed by Carmen Scheide // University of Bern // History Department

This interdisciplinary project investigates the role of civil society in transitional justice, peacebuilding and reconciliation in the areas of history and memory in Georgia, North Caucasus/Chechnya and Ukraine. Collaborators of the project are Cécile Druey Schwab, Oksana Myshlovska and a PhD candidate tba.

Abstract on the Research Database of the Swiss National Science Foundation

A New Theology of Politics: ‘Holy Wars’ of the Heterogenous Ukraine

Metreveli, Tornike // University of St. Gallen // School of Humanities and Social Sciences

EU and Russian hegemony in the ‘shared neighbourhood’: Between coercion, prescription, and co-optation

Burmester, Isabell // Global Studies Institute, Université de Genève // Politikwissenschaften

Border Crossing: Jewish Migration from East Europe, 1870–1920

Chebotarov, Oleksii // Universität St. Gallen // School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Transit, Refuge, Residence: Modern Artists from Ukraine in Switzerland (Archipenko, Epstein-Hefter, Orloff, Polissadiw)

Susak, Vita // // Bern, Verein “memoriart33-45”

“Le discours sur la langue ukrainienne dans l’Ukraine indépendante (dès 1991): essai d’analyse épistémologique.”

Mayilo, Yuliya // Université de Lausanne // Sprachwissenschaft

Imperium, Nation und Familie: Die Kiever Familie Šul’gin/Šul’hyn und die Entstehung des russisch-ukrainischen Gegensatzes

Baumann, Fabian // // Universität Basel, Geschichtswissenschaft

Abstract: Basel Graduate School of History (BGSH)

Transcultural Contact Zones in Ukraine

u.a. Schmid, Ulrich; Scheide, Carmen // //  Universität St. Gallen, Center for Governance and Culture in Europe