The initiative “Ukrainian Research in Switzerland” (URIS) announces two fellowships once a year. They are open to postdoctoral and senior scholars in the humanities, cultural studies and social sciences whose research has the potential to make a substantial contribution to a better understanding of the history, society, politics and culture of Ukraine.

The “URIS fellowship” enables the recipient to spend six months researching at the University of Basel (February–July or August–January) and will be awarded on the basis of excellence criteria. The initiative is looking for internationally recognised researchers who are prepared to be involved in the network of Swiss Ukraine research and to offer a Ukraine-related course at the University of Basel during their stay in Switzerland. The recipient is obliged to reside in Basel for the duration of the fellowship. The awarding of the fellowship will be decided by an academic advisory board.

The University of Basel is a dynamic centre for research on Eastern Europe with strong international networks. Switzerland’s first interdisciplinary BA programme “East Europe Studies” was inaugurated here in 2005. The field of East Europe studies at the University of Basel is organised by the Slavic Seminar and the Department of East European History. It also has close ties with art history, the social sciences, law and economics, and Jewish Studies. Further information is available at:

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