The initiative “Ukrainian Research in Switzerland” organises workshops twice a year in order to encourage the exchange between ongoing Ukraine-related research projects that are currently underway at Swiss universities and international research on Ukraine, as well as between scholars, students and the public.

Second URIS workshop
The next workshop will take place in Basel on Monday, 20 November 2017. The subject will be Language, Politics and Identity in Ukraine. Past and Present”; the full programme will be published here. All interested individuals in the field of Ukraine research in Switzerland are warmly invited to take part in the workshop as guests.

Language is undeniably a defining attribute of national identity. This statement becomes problematic in countries and societies where two or more languages are commonly in use. Ukraine is one such case. Half of its population uses Russian in everyday communication, yet Ukrainian remains the only official language. Furthermore, Russian speakers are widely accused of not being “Ukrainian” enough. The contemporary crisis in Ukraine has intensified the debates over language and identity, forcing many to reassess what it means to be Ukrainian. The workshop will examine the links between language and identity in Ukraine in historical perspective, offering a comparison between the formative Soviet decades and the period of independence. It will also discuss the role of the state and political elites in constructing national identities and manipulating the language question for their political gain in the past and the present.


Workshop Grants
URIS is calling for applications for two workshop grants for the 2018 spring semester (February to June) and the 2018 autumn semester (September to January).

Current call for applications / Aktuelle Ausschreibung

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